About me and this site.

This site is a curated amalgamation of media that, in some part, defines me. Influenced by people, sights, and sounds. Fueled by a desire to understand the rhyme and reason from a unique vantage of the universe. Not a boastful offering. Served up for any who are interested. If this reads no better than Lorem Ipsum, thank you kindly for just going with it.

Work gravitates toward web development and solving everyday problems with technology. Many hours outside of work are well spent on trails, taking in vistas, and all the trappings of a simpler way of life.

A belief that most people are intrinsically beneficent, even if naive, keeps me hopeful. Knowing that self-interested parties exist keeps me grounded.

Tenets that best sum my ethos are: People are people. No problem is unworkable.